Free MARC records and discovery integration
RAND Corporation adds 1,200 Open Access titles
We’re delighted to share the news that the RAND Corporation has made 1,200 titles freely available to researchers around the world. With this contribution, a total of 2,171 Open Access ebooks are now available on JSTOR.

The RAND Corporation is a nonprofit, nonpartisan organization that publishes high-quality research to inform public policy and decision-making. The content available on JSTOR covers important issues in the fields of security, health, education, sustainability, and more.
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These titles are integrated with related journals and ebooks on JSTOR's easy-to-use platform. Users don’t need to register or log in, and there are no DRM restrictions or limits on chapter PDF downloads or printing. Try it yourself using one of the RAND Corporation titles below.
Inequality and Opportunity
Friends, Foes, and Future Directions
The Outlook for Arab Gulf Cooperation
Free MARC records and discovery integration
Through our Open Access initiative, we're trying to make it easier for librarians to manage this type of content. All OA titles on JSTOR meet our high standards for quality, and they are digitally preserved in Portico. Librarians can request free MARC records or activate the Open Access collection in their discovery services. Set this up now, and you'll automatically receive updates for new Open Access titles on JSTOR.

If you have any questions, please let me know! Thank you for all your support.

Best wishes,
Valerie Yaw
Senior Marketing Manager, JSTOR

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