Plus: Ulama, an ancient ball game
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Otto Weininger
By Max Genecov
Otto Weininger's only book, Sex & Character, is a misogynist, anti-Semitic screed masquerading as philosophy. Yet it was enormously influential in fin-de-siècle Vienna and was an intellectual inspiration to what would later become the Nazi Party. 

How did Weininger, who killed himself at 23, and his almost indecipherable book come to influence such leading thinkers as Ludwig Wittgenstein, the composers Alban Berg and Arnold Schoenberg, and even James Joyce?
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Mysterious Mana
By Chi Luu
How understanding the concept of "mana" can help us get clarity on the assumptions we make about power and language.
Mesoamerican ball game
By James MacDonald
An ancient ball game called Ulama is making a comeback in Mexico. What do we know about this game?
Night children
By Livia Gershon
At the turn of the century, it was quite common for working-class children to roam the streets freely at night.
Francis Willughby
By Matthew Wills
Once dismissed as a dilettante, naturalist Francis Willughby was part of the vanguard of observation-based modern science.

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